by Stefano Beretta Stefano Beretta

Easier to navigate, immediate information, enriched with many product images, with videos that transparently talk about us.

Growth, development and innovation are part of our DNA. These are concepts and choices that communication must transmit unequivocally and consistently. This is why we have completely renewed our web identity. A more intuitive graphic layout, to simplify online browsing and immediately make the information you need available. A direct way to communicate our “pluses” and to favor the essential contact to define and carry out your new projects. An enriched and updated video section allows, through a virtual tour inside Meccanica Beretta Stefano, to discover our complete workflow: from design to turnkey realization. Through the video “Catalog” you can find out exactly what Meccanica Beretta Stefano offers its customers. From welding masks to special systems, even at a high level of automation, all the projects are original: made to measure and meticulously designed to satisfy every request and maximize efficiency.